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12:22 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I have been trying so much to log into the new viewer 2.0 it been kind of a pain in the neck, well but that pain has been cured with a good pain reliever LOL.
The beta viewer just won’t let me see my viewer 2.0 and I was forced to uninstall the beat to allow the Viewer 2.0 survives. I also downloaded Emerald. I like the new face of Emerald but SL viewer 2.0 is really cool and I love it. Now the other pain I have now is when I switch from Second Life viewer to Emerald and vice versa. I have to work on my setting again and change clothes. These viewers sometimes do have a fight internally :-).

Now I had to take photo with my 2.0 viewer. OMG photos were so clear and sharp. I have to get used to editing, taking photos because the setting is quite different from normal viewer. But at least you get to see all the holes and stuff in the outfits if there is any LOL.

It’s the beginning of another week. We should all try and enjoy our week, stay away from trouble and have all the fun.
Outfit is from aDiva Couture called aDIVA Couture Walk the Line. Cute and sexy outfit with the big hat and the flexi  skirt is a "IT" for me. So walk and walk and walk but in the LINE :-)

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