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8:46 AMprazillo Lemon

...that everyone has been so busy of late in Real life and Second Life, well it's been crazy for me in both worlds :-) guess its the season :-). aDiva Couture has a line up of great outfits for you, didn't really have time to blog them earlier as a result of one thing or the other, cant take nice shot because I keep crashing  or textures don't come out nice.
All good, I'm showing off some of the designs, so if  you may have mixed any for this week release, hurry go get your  outfit now  :-)

Ist and 2nd Photo :  aDIVA Couture Luana Carmel Mix
3rd Photo:aDIVA Couture Madeleine Cold Shoulder Weekly Discount Special E
4th and 5th Photo: aDIVA Couture Sunflower

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