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aDiVa MaRiSa & SuMmEr Of LoVe

9:41 AMprazillo Lemon

...that we all have been feeling the Summer :-) and designers cant just stop making and making and making while blogger wont stop blogging and blogging and the rest of us wont stop buying and buying :-)

Well that what the summer feels like, you see all good things , and then you go buying.
aDiva Couture released the new outfit called aDIVA Couture Marisa, I love this all white outfit which comes with a white pant and a ruffled top.. I would have loved to match with all white but NO:-) Gold is in for me this season also :-) so I have matched them with Gold bangles, earring and necklace and shoes :-) You can match white with anything :-) Enjoy

aDiva Couture made two items for the Summer of Love :-) Lovely casual and its great for the Summer .. aDIVA Couture Gelato Crinkle Tropical is a colourful top and small pant with an overly big hat :-) i like this so much and we have aDIVA Couture Lileya Ethnic Halter Dress which drop down the colors and make it all feel earthly.. I love these two pieces.. You can only get them at Summer of Love.. So hurry :-)

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