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Both Worlds :-)

7:31 AMprazillo Lemon

...that I woke up this morning and it all so wet, rain cats and dogs. I love when it rains especially when I'm indoors all cuddled up either watching a movie or .... (fill in the blank space), but today its raining and I have to go to work  grrrrrrrr..
Now back to Summer in Second Life :-) ,I have been falling seriously and hopelessly in love with this new release from aDiva couture called aDIVA Couture Zane.
The simplicity of the skirt matched with multi colored chain belt totally RAWKS for me and the tops are so so sexy.In a sunny day, this outfit will definitely be the one, but I don't care.. I'm wearing it here and now and all day :-)

..that's me Stripped of all Makeup LOL :-)

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