***Chaisuki*** aDiva Couture

***Chaisuki*** Vienna Skin

11:54 PMprazillo Lemon

...that wow I am deeply honored again to present ***Chaisuki***  latest skin called Vienna .It’s a gorgeous new set and all lovely. What I Love about this Skin line is that I get so many makeup’s with just same face? It awesome :-). Ladies you want to keep that face but have lot of different options/makeup for different occasion, here is your Choice.
Vienna is out in 6 Skin tones and 18 makeup’s, lipsticks, wow a whole lot of choices to make from and you never get bored of color , Also u get the options for teeth, cleavage (alternate breast), hair base, tan line and pubic hair

P.S Each skin line comes with a hair base and brow to match the Skin tone.


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