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*DarkerSide* with aDIVA Couture Estrella

10:28 AMprazillo Lemon

... that I have been finally delivered from teleport problem.. YAY. Last week was a hell of time for me because I just couldn’t teleport. I got all the advice on how to take off prims and I was apparently naked LOL but teleport didn’t work for me the only thing it did for me was to crash me :-). Finally I have been delivered and I hope its final deliverance LOL.

I was at *DarkerSide*  wow that shop do make someone really Dark :-) you get a nice feeling because by the time you are done you either feel like Bella in The Twilight Saga or you feel much hotter and sexy as a Vampire or some wicked Old Stepmother.. LOL. But the makeup is awesome and Lots of great gifts and dollarbies.

I decided to pair my *DarkerSide* Vamp Skin  with aDiva Couture weekly discount outfit called Estrella :-) I'm proud of myself LOL. This is a very awesome gown with the skirt shorter in front and the back longer and you get to do everything in the outfit. Shop, suntan, visit, dancing and you sure will not stop looking real sexy in this outfit. Awesome outfit for the summer, lot of flowers and bright mood.

Hair  & Skin :  *DarkerSide*

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