Designer's Wardrobe Diary

*evie* 4 Alphabet Soup Bazaar

6:09 PMprazillo Lemon

..that the Alphabet Soup Bazaar is still on.. and *evie*  is another designer you will see at the Bazaar. She has two dollarbies, the 'Can You Spell Alfbet' Tshirt which is aimed for the guys but can be worn by girls, (I simply love the fact that the men clothes can also be worn my ladies LOL..:-) ) and the Soup Leggings are for ladies( the guys can wear this also if they like :-) hehehe ) . Both are 1L and created for the event.

The Romper Dress is a cool outfit, very chic and the color is amazing.It's sold for 20Ls  for this event.

Also is the leggings which is both the 80's Fishnet Leggings and the Fishnet Leggings Hearts. Its sold for a reduced price of 50% but you also get this at *evie* Mainstore.

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