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Newbie N-Core

12:39 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I have been reading a lot about the Newbie challenge and I saw some awesome collection assembled by most blogger.. which go down to show that a Newbie can look real good. :-)
What about a situation where you have someone who has been in SL for a long time and still don't have that knowledge LOL.Okay we all get that part of the story .. maybe they don't care :-)

I followed my friend to go for some shopping and we were at N-core :-) I saw  lots of free gifts and group gift items.. and I decided to give myself a Newbie N-core challenge to see if the gifts are well worth it :-)
 I got the items  and went off to get all dressed up..
The boots and stiletto shoes are very high quality,  the outfits you can alway have a mix and match which is a good combination.

We have the option to wear casuals in jean outfit or just the legging with tops  matched with the boot and then you want to go formal, you have the black gown to go with the stiletto shoes :-) All awesome :-D

Gone are the days of milky :-) i hope i got the name.. because designers are giving the newbies more class and style.

All outfit worn are for ZERO linden :-). Cool

Ist photo:

2nd Photo:

3rd Photo :

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