***Chaisuki*** aDiva Couture

SeCoNd LiFe & SuMmEr

9:39 AMprazillo Lemon

...that Second Life is much more interesting at Summer than any other time of the year :-). Basically a lot going on... Summer of Love, Glance Fashion Week, Hunt! hunt!! hunt!!!, fairs here and there etc and a lot of great and good quality items for everyone YAY... I Love Summer :-)
aDiva Couture has a new gown called aDiva Couture Emilia, this is the gown for the moment i must admit.. I haven't been able to take it off my body, I love the colors combination and its so refreshing :-) Go get this gown

And lot of group gift everywhere, but I picked my favorite designers and paired their group gift to get this outfit :-) you will Love it :-) Go get it. And good news Bliss Couture has a hair Line.. there are all awesome hair style.. You will be seeing more in the Blogs:-). There is an opening gift for all.. I showed that in the photo below

Ist - 4th Photo

5th - 6th Photo (GROUP GIFT)

All Skin used in the photo : ***Chaisuki*** VIENNA

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