Designer's Wardrobe Diary


12:33 PMprazillo Lemon

...that it's time for open toe sandals, sexy stiletto heels and showing lots of barefeet as we ladies start to hit the Summer fashion scene in our fabulous exciting outfits and daring stiletto heel shoes! Yippee, that means we will be showing off our painted toes in shoes like these N-core CHERIE XtremeHeel "  and N-core SEDUCTION XtremeHeel " which features all the things that make a shoe a sexy shoe and an "IT". I'm talking about leather ankle heels, strapy scandals, stiletto heels and more!.

Ladies N-CORE still got me Speechless :-)

P.S . The HUD comes with lot of options for Skin feet, Nail Colors, Socks,Tipend, Interior etc.:-) and you can play with the colours, Enjoy.

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