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ThOuSaNd KiSsEs By D-DeSiGn

8:53 PMprazillo Lemon

 to...that I saw this new release gown from D-Design called D-DESIGN Nuit Sensuelle-Thousand Kisses , it was the most loveliest gown I have seen and wow Kudos to Dani :-). D-Design has grown and it keeps growing .. I'm just absolutely proud of Dani.
Here is Thousand Kisses a most lovely entricating gown in a mixture of Lace and Satin wrapped up at the side.. The brooch, Necklace and earring are a complete match for this gorgeous gown and the jewelry complement the gown so well.
You get it in other colors as well.

LADIES go get this awesome gown and demand for a dance with your love one this weekend , you shouldn't be in anything else but D-DESIGN Nuit Sensuelle-Thousand Kisses  and wear the D-DESIGN Thousand Kisses Gold Jewelry Set.

See you at the BALLROOM  :-)

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