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Who need Madonna ?

11:06 AMprazillo Lemon

...that from aDiva Couture we have a new release outfit which is just simply very cute and very sexy called aDIVA Couture Where Did Madonna Go :-) Anne do know how to give a name LOL. Well who knows where Madonna went anyway should let me know :-) . This is a white short Lacey gown with the see through lace corset top to add some sexiness and curvy beauty to the outfit. it is combined with the belt to add more class and my best is the addition of the torn tight :-)
Go check it out Ladies.. you can go funky, formal, balle etc in this outfit.

I combined with K&C Fashion - Ballerina Silver with Strings  :-) you would love this ballet shoe.. and it so so affordable ..less than 100Ls

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