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aDIVA Couture Nita

11:26 AMprazillo Lemon

...that it’s Friday and TGIF :-) Little something to say about Friday, Normally I have been hearing the word TGIF and it comes out mostly from people who love party, and I never correlated the word with Friday. I used to think it was a form of party or so until the day I was told it’s actually THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY. At least someone who doesn't know will learn now.

aDiva Couture says for the weekend this is the outfit called aDIVA Couture Nita. I just loved this look when I saw it. The jeans are well defined and the design and pattern is awesome and the see through top is my favorite LOL. Which shows off your sexiness and curve with the waist strap. YAY!!! Ladies let go rock the town...:-)

P.S Its out in aDIVA Couture Nita Blue Fall Collections 2010 and aDIVA Couture Nita Taupe Fall Collections 2010 .

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