aDiva Couture Bella Vida

I hAve BeEn BlEsSeD bY BlISs CoUtUrE

1:05 AMprazillo Lemon

...that today has been overly hectic which usually happens for Monday, it's been so busy and I have lot of blog post awaiting.. I'm so sorry for all that sent me items and I haven't blogged yet.. Real Life is taking a great part of me now :-D but its all good.

Amutey gave me a wonderful gift and I couldn't help but talk about today. This is my first post for August and its started awesomely well.. Bliss Couture Hair  is a new line from Bliss Couture and it has been the "IT" in Second Life Hair world.. I'm blessed to be given these lovely hairs.

I'm showing you a tiny little bit of what you will be seeing :-) Stay glued :-)

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