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I Love my Chinese Cheong Gown

2:57 PMprazillo Lemon

... I am more than pleased to present VOGUE outfit. I was given some collection of outfit and when i wore them all .. it was the most awesome outfit I have worn and it fits my shape very well, like it was made for my shape :-) I Love the outfits so much.. So I'm sorry I will have to show it  one by one :-) Don't want to get over them easily :-)

Slip into elegance by this wonderful dress by Vogue called *VoguE* Cheong Sum ~ Ebony .This long dress shows its uniqueness by the wonderful design of high slit at left side. The traditional Chinese look is further strengthened by the beautifully and charmingly delicate embroidery adorned at the  collar  and the skirt hem. Its short sleeves provides extra mobility and a stylish finish and the fitting cut tailoring is sure to shape you a good figure.


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