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If the boot fits Wear it !!!

2:26 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I have received this ankle boot like 2 weeks ago and haven’t been able to blog about it due to one reason of absence or another.. But it has been clued to my legs the whole entire time. Whether I’m wearing a skirt, gown, pants etc, this ankle boot complete the entire outfit.

Like the phrase "If the boot fits, wear it". The latest collection from N-Core simply says it all. Whether you are having a night on the town with friends, a work- related gathering or just something to show off during dinner, party, and event with friends and family, the N-CORE CHANCE ankle boot is the sure choice to add elegance and variety to your style. With the added zippers and buckles, these embellishments will make you stand out. Use them to showcase your individuality.

P.S You get 12 options to pick from in colors and you can change the Belt color, tipend, sole, zipper, buckle etc.. This ankle boot is a most for your wardrobe this Fall.

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