aDiva Couture Bella Vida

I'm Hot and Sexy I Know :-)

3:25 AMprazillo Lemon

...that the saying is true, Yes or Yes the answer still remain Yes :-) LOL . I just love this new release outfit from aDiva Couture called aDIVA Couture Valeries Midi Dress Lace/Crepe de Chine Mix. The lace top is hot and it RAWRRRRRRRRRR. The skirt is a complete blend for the top.. I had to customise a shape to get the exact hour glass for this awesome , sexy and exotic outfit.

The belt,necklace and earring also from aDiva complete this entire outfit with CStar Miss&Mr August Skin and the awesome hair piece  called *Bob* from Bliss Couture Hair

Ladies I'm sorry but I go partying now in my hot and sexy outfit.. See you at the dance floor :-)

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