Designer's Wardrobe Diary


1:13 PMprazillo Lemon

... I have been having so much to do both in Real Life and Second Life. But these past week has been so awesome for me in Second Life . Since this is my Second Life Diary.. I'm suppose to write about my every day activity :-) Well this is the Best part .

We get employed somewhere and we do all of our best and the next day the group is closed or something happens and everyone suffers.. that has happened to me a lot.. but like the saying it only open door for better ones.
I just got hired as Live Model at HOUSE OF BENINGBOROUGH which means more awesome stuff to be displayed here in the blog :-) and also I now a model for model agency called LOVELI INC.  .. I know more will come and I'm so happy :-).

Shoe Fair is going on and lots of great shoe designer's are showing off their best designs. I'm grateful to present to you N-core CHERIE -Special Edition- XtremeHeel Zebra , it is only sold at the Shoe Fair.. wont be sold in the store . So ladies go get this items and check for other wonderful items as well. And don't forget to donate for Charity.. very important it goes a long way to save a SOUL.

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