Designer's Wardrobe Diary

Shhhh!!!! I'm working :-)

11:09 AMprazillo Lemon

...that  I have been running from one job to another and trust me it great fun and lot of excitement. Eagerly waiting for Real Life Vacation when I will have time to explore all the possibilities of Second Life.
...I have started my job at HOUSE OF BENINGBOROUGH  as a Live Model.. its an awesome and great environment.Shh Little Secret ,Don't say I told you, but you get to meet the best of the bestest models there :-) . Its going to be a very fun job for me because I'm going to learn a lot and meet a lot of people.
Now for the outfits you will be seeing there... :-) Have you ever walked into any gathering and people start sending you IM's telling you please what outfit you have on.. that how you begin to feel in these outfits. I just started and I'm already getting comment... So imagine when I'm grounded LOL.  :-) I will keep you updated .

This is me without any jewelry, just with one of HOB newest release called BB Moonlight Peacock Dress

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