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TiMe FoR cHaNgE :-)

9:23 AMprazillo Lemon

... that I have been away and I have no home in Second Life for a while. I had to settle down so I can be focused on what I need to do. A home in Second Life is really important for me though, because I do a lot of Photos and I need my own studio and also most important somewhere to call home :-). Now another issue that drives me crazy is rental. The rent of my old home just shoot from 250 Ls a week to 800Ls a week, which is a huge increase for the same amenities and same home like you use to have for 250Ls. I hope Second Life don't become like Real Life where rents are going on the high every day. Trust me I would live on the street LOL.Now I'm settled in a new home, I love this :-)

aDiva Couture is doing it again and again, more awesome items for the Fall and my wardrobe is getting huge and huge with lots of great Fall items :-) This new release is called aDIVA Couture Kiran Fall Collections 2010. We will have to ask Anne if she will be doing a fall show. :-) Now this outfit is something to wear anytime and you feel just absolutely comfortable and gorgeous in it. It features a 3/4 Capri’s jeans in snake skin with a wrinkled leg cuff and combined with a very sexy lace top in a knit wrap sweat top. I always love when any top is knotted at the side :-) its gives one that sexy feel and always enhance the shape and curves.

Also aDIVA Couture 3 Faces of Eve Olive is a special discount item and it is sold for 79 L$.

 Ladies it time for a change. :-)

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