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Walk of Fame Hunt, Sales and More @ 22769

10:18 AMprazillo Lemon

...that  22769 - Casual Couture is involved in  the Luxury Hunt as well as the Walk of Fame Hunt :-)

Well I personally love the Walk of Fame Hunt :-)  where the vendors choose a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and get all dressed up LOL. For this hunt, I only get to dress like a Star either it is female - Male LOL .

 At 22769 the walk of fame hunt is Captain James T. Kirk from the STAR TREK series. See what was styled for him.. Don't check me out as a female LOL check me as a male, Captain James :-). This is the steampunkversion of Captain James T(iberius) Kirk.
The Hunts starts from 14. August - 29. August . Hint for this is :

There is also the Luxury Hunt as well.  For this hunt , A golf-outfit (unisex) was created which contains a shirt with sculpted collar, a golf jumper and some golf trousers with sculpted cuffs.
The Hunt Starts from 13. August - 12. September

For the Jaunty SALES , I honestly love the outfits so much, simple and great for outing and walking around.
For Jaunty Sales 1 - this is is a very laid back casual with scarfs and "comfy-clothing". The outfit contains a linen-long sleeve with ethnical embroideries and sculpted cuffs, a red paisleys scarf and some corduroy jeans with sculpted cuffs

Jaunty Sale 2 -This comes with a dark striped tee, a leather vest, a plaid scarf and some dark Knickerbocker - also in corduroy-look

P.S : For more information on the hunt, Sales and Hunt Hint : Take the TP to  Store 22769 - Casual Couture

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