aDiva Couture Designer's Wardrobe

WhO hAs BeEn HaViNg It BaD ????

9:52 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I have been having it real bad in Second Life ... Cannot rezz any item when i try to wear an outfit I see a message "All Attempt to rezz this object fails.. " . It hasn't been good though.. I have been shuttling between Viewer 2.0 and Emerald. Now this is the interesting part : When I wear an outfit .. I see myself wearing something really old like an outfit I wore 2 days ago :-) and most times i just don't rezz.. Its really frustrating.. That's SL and we all just Love It still :-)

aDiva Couture released these fabulous outfit called aDIVA Couture LeeLoo in Blush Black and Pink White . This is a very sexy short gown which will show off your lovely legs and you have the sexy Lacey top that add more sophistication to the outfit. You can be dressed formally or informal in this outfit.. Weekend is here.. go Shopping and dancing or fishing or whatever LOL. Just have fun :-)

You get the black and white stripe swim wear called aDIVA Couture Retro- Kini outfit free for Group Members :-) I'm going back swimming :-)

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