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Trouble with the Sexy House Wife :-)

5:35 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I was having a quiet time enjoying my just started vacation and Dani came and looked for my trouble by giving me this outfit called D-DESIGN housewife. Now I don't have a problem if I have to be cleaning the house and ensuring everywhere is tidy wearing this outfit ... My problem is this outfit is too sexy... I didn't end up cleaning anything... was just been sexy posing here and there... I had a huge collection for this outfit only and now have a problem to pick my best four. My Sunday has been CORRUPT and there is going to be TROUBLE in the Kitchen, Bedroom and everywhere around the house... Ladies you know the kind of trouble I mean :-). If you want to have that kind of trouble :-) D-Design has it LOL.

P.S D-Design is having a monthly contest to get the Miss D-Design 2011. The contest is on .. So ladies send your photos and check in Main Store  for more Information.
Watch out also I will be posting the full detail of the Contest.

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