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What to Wear ?

8:54 PMprazillo Lemon

...that there are times when you don't feel like shopping for any outfit but you need to dress so so nice because your inventory size is over 50k and you are lost to how to control the size. I have been faced with such issues for days, didn’t know where to start discarding items and getting new ones.. But in a time when you want to wear something new and totally different A MIRACLE comes.

I was given this outfit and more, but I totally forgot about them in my inventory, now that moment i talked about above happened to me and I needed to wear something totally different and not buy a new item and Viola!!! this gorgeous dress "Lili's Butterfly Flower Gown" with the most loveliest prints and great design came right into my body. Wow didn't look so hard for what to accessorize with, just got one of the new Jewelry Creation by Zuri's collection called Zuri's Sparkle Sky and BAM !!! I have my new look and so different..

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