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Whats Going on at 22769?

11:59 AMprazillo Lemon

...that a lot is going on at 22769. There is the FestiFall Fair,Tag der Deutschen Einheit (German reuinification day), and the hunt for "Make Him Over Hunt 4"
The FestiFall Fair runs from the 18th September - 26th September 2010 which is a small independent fair where items are been showcased and sold from brand new autumn collection. The outfits are male/unisex and female ones. I'm going to show you some of the great stuff you will be seeing.

The Tag der Deutschen Einheit (German reuinification day) , this event runs from 20th September - 3rd October at the MAIN SHOP
For this event 22769 rebuild several things:
- the Berlin Wall
- the Checkpoint Charly
- a East-German wallpaper with Freebies/Dollarbies

***The Berlin Wall***
The Berlin Wall runs through the entrance of the shop (with a breakthru that people still can enter the shop of course ^^). Authentic graffitties from fotosources for the wall to make it as original as possible.
Left from the entrance we have a mass-pose for everyone free to use to take pictures. 
***The Checkpoint Charly***
At the streetside,the famous border crossing between East German and West Germany - a toll bar with the famous "You are leaving the American sector"-Sign. The sign gives ontouch notecards that explain the event and the historical background. 
***The Freebie and Dollarbie Wallpaper***
You get freebies T-shirts , and some sold for 5Ls and the popular demand Soviet tee- shirts.Check out some of the items you will be getting.

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