CStar Skin Designer's Wardrobe

wHo HaS bEeN tO cStAr SkIn?

8:09 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I have been glued.. I MEAN Seriously Glued to Cstar generosity. The pink Hunt is on.. and you don't get one skin.. You get 12 skins from Cstar Skin and all in different tones called .::CStar::. PinkHunt Skin *2010 Edition*.. and not only would you smile out of there... you can be lucky to  also win the September Skin called .::CStar::. Miss September *2010 Edition* - Caramel which will be ongoing for the whole of September but this is different .. no more lucky chairs you get to hunt for different makeup every 3 days intervals... From 1st-3rd September .. you get this dark skin in yellow makeup , very Hot and sexy :-), so if you missed the first set .. don’t miss the others .


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