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Whose Avatar Rendering Cost (ARC) is Less?

12:24 AMprazillo Lemon

…that Avatar Rendering Cost popular known as ARC in second life has been a thing of issues for most residence most especially model and agencies .At most fashion shows we now have the ARC police, you know what they do? They are the ones in charge of sending those with higher ARC to either reduce their ARC or leave the venue. Yes this has been going on for a while as a result to reduce Lag at every show, event or fair.
But fair enough most times we want to look great when we go for shows and fairs but how to look great at this shows is the KEY and still have a low ARC.

 At Fashion Institute , there was a long group chat about how to reduce ones ARC to 500. That seem like a big deal for most people because the fact that we have our hair, shoe and dresses on… that makes up the ARC speed up to thousands.
Now the Fun part, lets have a little challenge for those who Love challenges,
Wear different outfits for different occasions either formal and casual with your ARC less than 500.Try it all and if possible you can post it , depend on you. This challenge is really fun, it took me a while to pull this out.

 P.S You will note that your nails, hair , gowns has an ARC of over 3000. wow
If you want to learn more about Avatar Rendering Cost  CHECK HERE

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