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The Word called TRUST

11:51 AMprazillo Lemon

...that I was kind of in the unhappy mood yesterday and a friend tried winning me over to be happy and he asked a question which I taught about for a long time "Do You Trust Me?" . The word trust to me means everything in term of relationship, work , social and all round.
Most of us have been in a relationship either at work, personal, emotional .. and we have seen our Love one or people we trust hurt us more than we expected and betrayed our trust. Would you still want to trust that same person in other ways? I don't think I would do.. especially when in an aspect I have been hurt in the process.
CASEY commented about trust and this is what is says "Trust lies at the heart of a strong relationship. When trust is lost we feel betrayed, angry and taken for granted. But what is trust? Trust is when we take as fact some belief we have, for which there is only partial evidence. For that very reason there is an element of uncertainty and risk involved. Whoever we are trusting may not always live up to the faith we are putting in them."
 This is a food for thought? I'm going to think more about the word called TRUST.

Outfit : aDiva couture Rieke Lace Slip Dress 
Jewelry : aDiva couture Rihanna (comes with the outfit)

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