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aDiva Couture Chocolate Beauty New Release

11:51 AMprazillo Lemon

..that we have another gorgeous release from aDiva Couture called aDiva couture Chocolate Beauty, between Anne has not been feeling so well , but we thank God for recovery , so we give her some time to come on slowly :-).

This new release is out in two colors Black and Blood and it’s a sleeveless sexy and stylish deep V-Neckline dress which features a banded striped corset worn below the bust line with buttons designs in a color tune different from the gown to bring out the curvy shape . The flared skirt with the slit add a flirty edge to this gown. It can be worn as a cocktail dress or less formal event.

P.S aDiva Couture Chocolate Beauty Blood is out for Half price and for group members only.

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