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Agnes Finney New Release Called Joyce

8:24 AMprazillo Lemon

…that the feeling of holiday is all over the air , I feel it, I smell it and I enjoy it. It just a wonderful feeling . I cant start my blog today without a thank you to everyone who has made it this year and who are still kicking on.We have so much to be thankful for , the Life, health and the joy of seeing people, making friends, having friends, family even enemies  :-) A whole lot to be thankful for.

To look glamorous and elegant this thanksgiving day , We have this stunning and sophisticated style from Agnes Finney Called Joyce, a perfect dress for women this season. This dress features a cutout strapless lace tube top showing off those beautiful skin without eliminating it’s classy touch.

The floor length flowing gown with the V shaped on the waistline makes this fit perfectly and cling to your shape this is perfect for many different bodies , making you look very sexy and add glamour to this dress.

A perfect accessory that comes with the dress is the furs at both arm which accent this winter-themed dress and give you that angelic and princess like look and then the high length glove to complete the look.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!!

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