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Cant Resist House of Beningborough Giselle Gown In Purple

8:34 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I wasn't able to blog this gown yesterday and today turned out to be a lot too busy and very hectic. But I just have to blog it tonight, because I wont be able to sleep :-) I have blogged about BB Giselle Gown- in Sea Green ,others colors have been added such as blue,red and Purple, and the purple is so yummy and lovely. You know its my favorite color LoL so I'm a bit biased if you say so .

So here is Giselle in Purple Color, gorgeous and very elegant with a full flowing gown and the sculpture shoulder add a sexy edge to the outfit. Also displayed is the Silver version. go over to House of Beningborough and pick your color choices from the list of others .

P.S For those who haven't picked their free gift , hurry over to House of Beningborough and get your free gift.

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