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D-Design is Now Style By Danielle

9:54 AMprazillo Lemon

Coming to the end of 2010, D-DESIGN has been working hard to be one of the best fashion stores... Varying from formal evening attire to casual and casual chic, you name it, we have it...

Now with the 1 year anniversary in November, we have been thinking of making some changes; something that will distinguish us at the market even more and make your shopping experience greater.

From November, 1st the new redecorated store is up and running (SLURL address will remain the same) and D-DESIGN is now Styles by Danielle. At the end of November we will have the Grand Opening and an anniversary celebration.

ONLY the members who have been in the D-design group will get a new groupinvite for Styles by Danielle for free. SO PLEASE, DO NOT DELETE THE 'D-DESIGN' GROUP BEFORE YOU HAVE JOINED THE NEW 'STYLES BY DANIELLE' GROUP. Otherwise we will not know who to invite.
When you join the new group, you can freely leave D-DESIGN as from now on all the notices will be sent to the new group as well.
If you are already 25 come to the store and we'll sort it out for you.

So far everyone has been invited to a new group and if for some reason you did not see the invitation, IM to Dani Plassitz.
If you wish, you may also refresh your Pick! There is a new texture for your Pick and LM.

We hope the transition will go smoothly and we want to thank you all for your ongoing support you have given us in this last year!

This month you get the pants outfit: there are a blouse, 2 pants and 2 different cuffs to it. The texture is rich in shades and done so that the left and right leg and cuffs are different. The belt is included as well. As usually, prims has a resizer.
The group gift is set on a new group.

Last month we had many beautiful entries and to chose the winner was very hard, but as you already know we've got two ladies Fashionistas for October and you can see their new photos in a new issue of a HeartBEAT Magazine (kiosk in our store).
We are now open for November entries and looking forward to see them!

Check in Styles by Danielle Mainstore for More Info.

Thank you very much!

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