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Exploring SL Alone

8:09 PMprazillo Lemon

... that we makes friends here just to make our Second Life interesting is not by miracle , it is the way it should be because no one is an ISLAND .My daily life in SL kind of got boring because my real life job is very tasking so I just log on in the morning , blog about one or two stuff either in my blog post or at Bella Vida's and I'm AFK doing my store modeling job at HOB for the rest of the day.No more dancing in the ballroom (wow does anyone still dance in the ballroom anymore?) well this has been my SL life for the period my real life job will seem less busy, now I'm a bit free and I realize my friends live in a different time zone from me or are about doing other stuffs or just trying to punish me for been busy LOL. All the same. FRIENDS are what makes this World RAWK!! If you have great friends do keep them :-)

I had to explore SL alone today which was kind of  EMPTY :-). No one to make me laugh or crack one or two ribs. But it was fun discovering new places and getting back in the SL spirit :-)
P.S I discovered Bella's Car (Twilight Saga) but the twin brother of it LOLL, guess we will have to sent this to Edward :-)
Hair : Exile Jane
Jeans : aDIVA couture Chance Purple Black Jeans
Jacket : aDIVA couture Chance Folk Vest
Top: Kyoot - Two Sugars Top (Blush) 
Skin : .::CStar::. Dollicious  - Sandy
Boots: :: Alatiel Fashions :: Country boots dark brown

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