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Fierce Designs Christmas Items and Winter Wonderland

10:13 AMprazillo Lemon

…that today seem a very quiet day in SL after most of the huge activities yesterday, hunts ,Black Friday, anniversaries and a host of  other activities. After weeks of working like a holic . I decided to spent some time with my friend Laurien. We decided to go visit Fierce Design Winter Wonderland since I’m about looking for the best spot to spend my winter and Christmas holiday.

At Fierce Designs is the latest Christmas items and designs which are all winter termed and  very much in tune with the mood  for Christmas and the holidays , which is what I’m seriously looking for. The Fierce**NORDIC WOOL DRESS is one of the winter outfits which is out in more colors , it  features a long sleeve wool  short dress with a hood and strap at the neck. It also comes complete with a shoe and sock to warm your feet with.

 Others outfits from Fierce  Designs  are the  Christmas elf , candy  cane girl  outfit ,Santa ‘s Little helper, Fierce**Tinsel Town and a host of other. If you need a costume Christmas outfit you get them all at Fierce .. Sad me  and Laurien couldn’t rezz our snowball to have some snow fight :-) but we decide to play a game of  best odd poses :-).

Other fun stuff at the wonderland are the Ski, Horse ride, ride the sledge  and you get other designers displaying their items etc Do spend some time  with friends and family at Fierce Winter Wonderland.

Fierce**PEACE ON EARTH HUNT item , Lovely white angelic gown with a spinning Globe of earth  to bring peace to earth :-)

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