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Good Old Memories - Romantic Isle of Dreams

12:44 PMprazillo Lemon

... that I got bored with my inventory looking for what to do and what to wear, have a lot to blog about but seems no inspiration, either I'm tired of the poses or the size of my inventory is driving me crazy LOL. Then decided my landmarks are too much , start to delete some and I teleport to some to find out if there exist and OMG I was at Romantic Isle of Dreams.

I never thought that Romantic Isle of Dreams Lovers BallRoom & Palace Gardens would still be in Second Life. It was one of my very first home when I was a newbie :-) I use to danced here, met some of my friends here which we still keep in touch, though some have left SL and a little somewhere we use as a home where we do sleep on the couch and use the small corner rooms as our dressing room LOL.

This has always been a place for history especially for those who have been in SL a while now. It goes a long way and the place hasn't change. Great work it is still there and lot of memories.

Dress : (PixelDolls) Fade Velvet Dress . Black  ( PixelDolls Sale for Hope )
Boots: N-core CASTING
Skin: [FC] AevanaLight//SugarBomb_HB/FhangCandy
Hair : *OC* Crazy Hair - black

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