Mermaids of the Mists SL Tour

I'm Now a Mermaid LOL

7:15 PMprazillo Lemon

... that I took my time today to explore some places in Second Life but nothing was as interesting as a tour with mermaids and actually having to dress as one, dancing and having all the best fun as a mermaid :-). Had  a great laugh today like never before with wonderful people ( fellow mermaids and mermen lol) .It was lot of excitment and great time spent without knowing when the hours speed off. Invitation for the lovers of the sea and mermaids.. you have a good treat at MERMAIDS OF THE MISTS . A very awesome place.

I will share my pictures of my first swim LOL , my dancing and the nice tour we had, all wonderful experience. Thanks to Terry Somersley, Chastity Starspear and B0nKeRZ Puddlegum

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