50Ls Friday Designer's Wardrobe

Modeling BB Giselle Gown at House of Beningborough

2:58 PMprazillo Lemon

...that today seem to be that particular period where nothing seem to interest me, I'm kind of  bored and since I can't just be moving around Second Life shopping or having fun while in Real Life job, I just Store Model which is much better because we just get dressed and stand there asleep most of the time LOL. Sometimes it just a collection of beautiful ladies all gone to sleep standing  or stand sleeping ( opposite of sleep walking ). LOL

I decided to take some pictures of me modeling since I'm bored and I'm wearing a gown version called BB Giselle Gown - SeaGreen in spiral sculpture just like BB Vortex. Its has a fitted bodice with bold exotic stripes of spiral sculpture design at the top of the bodice  and a  mix of fur for the shoulders. To adorn the arm we have the spiral cuff and another gorgeous feature of this outfit is the skirt. It comes with a very very full skirt option in the form of mermaid tail. I love the colors combination so much, very cool and goddess like. Okay that's enough, off to real life work now...  :-)

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