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More on With Love Hunt showing Nemesis, INDI Design, Peqe and Connors

5:57 AMprazillo Lemon

…that With Love Hunt was officially open yesterday and like I blogged  about some of the hunt items to see in the hunt, more designer have been added to the hunt and awesome great stuff still await everyone. It's not a hunt where you get only a top and no pants :-) , the items are all good and valued quality from great designers. I will be showing you some  other items you will be seeing in the hunt.

From Nemesis is this lovely and gorgeous sexy gown that I have been glued to since I wore it. I haven’t been able to get this outfit out of my skin ? It is a black strapless top with a frilled skirt in Red.. Awesome items that can be worn for a party or any casual event.

The colored shirt remind me of real life and been serious, but great stuff I have it in SL also because when I want to look serious , I just wear it :-). It’s a very nice shirt . Also is the sweat dress , great for the winter season and still looking very chic and sexy.

My favorite rider outfit :-). When I want to look like a bad girl and still be very hot, sexy and gorgeous.. this is the outfit for me :-) .

 Enjoy your Hunt !!!
Outfits :
1st - 2nd Photo : -  Nemesis - In love outfit 
5th-6th Photo : With Love from INDI Designs  

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