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My Vintage Coco Suit

1:35 PMprazillo Lemon

...that Styles by Danielle( Formerly D-Design) released this very unique and exotic line which was inspired by the Coco Chanel Suit.This is an elegant outfit which features a knee length straight skirt paired with a trim and boxy jacket,adorned with brooch and heavy jewelry to give that effortless elegance.

It has all the peculiar similarity of coco suit which is in the collar, openings in the suit and the big cape sleeve which captures the essence of elegance and sophistication.

This outfit can be worn with different option either as a short party dress  or  just go simply professional the Vintage style (I love it the vintage style  i.e the complete COCO style ).

Check with Styles By Danielle for other options

All option of the COCO style found at Styles By Danielle Mainstore between 14-18th Novemeber are given for special prices. So ladies check In world for the promo or check this links:
Styles By Danielle
Fashion Chase

P.S All outfit worn are from Styles By Danielle

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