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PRIM & PIXEL Winter Holiday Village

3:20 PMprazillo Lemon

...that Christmas is already in Second Life , we have it now at Prim & Pixel Winter Holiday Village.  It's an awesome place which  provides an arena for family and friends to hang out this season. You have the ice skating, sledding , snowman, horse rides and a host of other activities.

 Lot and Lot of great designers also at the Village such as HUCCI ~ Camilla's ~ marrett ~ Purple Moon ~ Holiday Bliss ~ Suki's Silken Fashions ~ Tres Beau ~ Sassy! ~ Callie Cline ~ Christmas Hope ~ AriWy Creations ~ HOUSE of RFYRE, Bax Boot (ice skates)

Prim & Pixel has these great outfit as the Holiday gift for both guys and ladies, sorry guys can't show your version but it looks like mine (LOL) without some features. The Paper Couture outfit  also which is out in 4 colors and sold for only 99Ls is more like the traditional outfit with a corset and short skirt. Other great items from other designers you will also see , so hurry down and come have fun at the Village.

P.S Be careful with the slope , so someone don't run you down on the horse ride LOL. Also there is a Winter Holiday  Village Photo Contest . For more on the Winter Holiday Village Check Blog : Winter Holiday Village

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