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Hello Gelese Giano, Thanks you for granting me this interview even with your very busy schedule and it is a great pleasure to meet you. :-) As our profile in View this week, we ask some questions and if you have anything of interest you did like us to know please don’t hesitate to share with us.

Who is Gelese Giano?
Just a name Hun, and thank you ;) My Second life avie changes her looks so frequently , I personally view myself as a Honest , Giving, and one "Special person " :-). Me and my Second Life child Adel

LOL was he been naughty that you had to drag him on the floor :-)
No LOL he fell on puppy

What was your first experience like in Second Life ?
It was very terrible actually, just wrong moment of time.

How long have you been a designer?
Since 2007.

Tell us about how you became a designer in SL?
I have been in fashion field for over 20yrs in RL and Marketing based In USA Ca.
For Second Life? Huh? seem I didn’t wanted to play, if the word "Online games" is politically correct, till a friend of mine told me about Second Life . Thus on a bored day, I opened an account and the rest “history". :-) loll

Also I have been greatly inspired by Leezu Baxter and all my friends here in SL ( another story for another day )

How are you able to juggle between real life and second life?
Very complex , I'm sure being a Gemini has something to do with it ,I can Juggle most anything and still know when it’s time to partake with RL matters, Family, friends and the Rest? Till this day RL people don’t understand Second Life..... (Giggles)

Is there any singular piece of advice that has stuck with you over the years and helped shaped you to become who you are today?
"Giving back" was one thing I stayed true to. A Lady greeted me when I was a newbie in SL and gave me L$ and LM to the freebies sims... giggles;) and I’m still helping out newbie’s, matter of just as of one last night .

What would you consider to be your greatest achievement?
Besides meeting wonderful friends, It has to be linking my first prim loll... seriously

If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for?
Eradicating poverty, world peace, and cure for all diseases and I’m going to add a 4th hehe which is to stop gender discrimination :-)

What trait do you dislike in people?
Greed, Dishonesty, Rude

How would you like to be remembered?
First Person to see I have done what I always dreamt ,long before it happen and to Design gowns in another world (SL)

This question I have always wanted to ask all designers, with the number of outfits you make each day, how often do u wear your outfits :-).
Twice, I'm usually in my system Templates whites. Hehe

From all your collection which is your all time favorite and is there a story to it?

Yes Julia Collection. Was inspired of a Mourning dove my mother drew before her passing in 1998. It is a pair of Mourning dove’s, that landed and nested her eggs of twigs all in a design of its very own inside hanging shimmer purple flower basket off a 50 year orange tree outside my RL cottage. WOW.

Wow that was a very interesting story. I know there are a lot more you didn’t tell, we will create a special time for you to tell me all of it, and I will just whisper a bit to others LOL. (I couldn’t just stop laughing) Thank you so much for your time and making this a very interesting interview.

It has been my Pleasure Hun and Take care “Ciao Bella"

Gelese Giano is a designer in SL and her Label is Gelese Giano. Check her store for awesome designs and like she said she is a giver. She gives lot and lot of great outfits.
SLurl for Gelese Giano Store in Second Life :
                             Gelese Giano Main Store
                             Gelese Giano at Bella Vida Shopping Village
                             Gelese Giano at Tear of the Phoenix Clan Home

Watch out for our next profile in view, because it could be YOU.

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