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Hello Lantz, Good to see you after ages LOL. I met Lantz when we were both Host at the Palace between He was a really cool guy and well loved :-).  So how have you been doing and thank you for been my profile in View this week I wanted someone totally different this time and you were just the right one I needed because I have a lot of Questions for you and really getting to know you and what you do.. We are most honored to have you .Profile in View is basically throwing some spotlight into individual and what they do and also their time spent in SL etc. Now we shoot :-)

Tell us about Lantz Skytower ?
Hahaha well, first of all, thanks for having me here :). Actually "Lantz" is the second SL account I made. My first one was hacked more than 2 years ago, and I lost all of it, so I decided to start a new one with Lantz Skytower. I am an open minded man and I come here to have fun and enjoy talking with people from all over the world, so I try not to take SL too seriously ;)

 How was your early life in SL?
Not easy, I have never wanted to use real life money in SL, and you get a bit bored of freebies when you see what others are wearing. Specially more than 2 years ago, when freebies were not as cool as they are now, hehehehe. That's why I started to work at the Palace, a time I'll never forget, and when I met a lot of friends, like you.

When you  worked at the Palace as a host and you were mostly dedicated :-) was that your first job or you had others along?
It was my first one, I was like a newbie because of making the new account, and only our manager and now friend, Foxy Devin, was kind enough to give me an opportunity :)

Aside the Lord and Gentleman costume we were given which I Knew you with, what is your personal style?
Oh well, something I like from the palace was the style, I love to dress in formal, or at least well-suited, suits, ties, shirts, that's how I like to dress in RL too. I have a lot of informal clothes too, of course, but I guess that's my style, formal :)

I know you don’t work for anyone at the moment?
I don't :)

What do you do now?
More than 1 year ago I started making simple statue avatars with stands, and selling them in the old Xstreet Marketplace. A  year ago I opened my own shop called “Engraved in Stone”.

Tell us about it
Well, I always wanted to be a sculptor in RL, but it couldn't be, lol, but I have always loved art, especially statues, so I decided to make statue avatars and pose stands for them, even some for couples. My best sellers are the Academy Award Avatar (female version) and the human candelabras, lol, I have to admit that I sell more than I thought I was going to, when I started.

 Wow !!! The statues are really lovely, and what is their price range like? 
Well, I hate expensive things, I see no sense in paying thousands for some clothes, so I try to keep it cheap. The range is from 190L$ to 400L$, being that one 2 statue packs in one, for couples, so I guess individual ones are as high as 250L$

Where are the places we can get these lovely items?
My main store is located in the nice sim of Rond, where models show some of the products for the potential customers, with different vendors for the different kind of packs.

Besides that I have several secondary or "satellite" shops. The most recent is opened in a statue fan's sim, with a statue garden, called Statuesque

Do you do custom work because I think I want something really hot , streaming and sexy LOL ?
Hahaha Yes, but if it's inside the limits of my ability, hehehe.

Well that’s a new dimension and what are the challenges like?
Well, most of them want small modifications of what I already have. But lately people are asking for specific poses, inspirited in statues they already love.

That will require lot of work?

How long have you been doing this particular line ?
Almost from the start of my business, people always like small modifications.

Any plan for your products in the future since SL is gradually moving faster than even my REAL LIFE lol?
Well, a lot of people are interested in restrained live options related to statues, so I am trying to explore that side, to include more options in my statues besides just "sit and look like a statue".

Okay wonderful, beauty of SL is we always get there
LOL yes

The holidays are fast approaching any plans for your customers , friends and love ones?
Well, as always, new products and sales will appear in holydays, but I can't reveal it yet ;)

Okay we will round it off here , because trying to get you  wasn’t easy and I know you are still a very busy man  Thanks you so much for a nice and interesting time with us.
Again, thank you for having me kindly.

We hope to hear more from you again and wish you all the best in your endeavors and the future of moving SL forward.

Was nice having Lantz Skytower and also wasnt easy getting him to do this interview but we are happy we got him finally. The LM for his stores I will post below and also his store on Xstreet Market.

The other satellite shops are placed in Baraabaru sims:

Engraved in Stone at Second Life Market Place

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