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Hello Pascal, Great honor to have you in this week Profile in view since in Second Life it is so difficult to get a photographer who has some time to spare :-) .All photographer are so busy in SL taking pictures and making the most amazing things out of each shot taken, so I don’t blame you all.
hahaha You are most welcome.
Profile in View is basically throwing some spotlight into individual and what they do, their time spent in SL etc. Now we shoot some on you now :-)
Thanks you prazillo :-)

Tell us about Pascal Schnyder ?
I joined SL in April 2007 not knowing how long it would last. I read a small newspaper essay about Mercedes-Benz launching a new model in a virtual showroom in a world called Second Life.

How was your early life in SL?
It took me quite a while to get accustomed to all these new features although I had been plying PC games before. I was just about to terminate when I met some really good friends who gave me real insight, LM and help.

What is your day to day life like in SL ?
You normally find me online round noon SL time. My first priority is and ever will be the First or Real Life. In SL I always try to find balance between my “job” as a photographer and fun hanging out with friends, dancing, talking etc.. And even during the shoots I am talking with the models, e. g. trying to find out what they might like as a backdrop for their pictures and so on. I try to make it an interactive and joyful experience for all participants. Models may also invite friends to join.

I know you were a photographer when i met you. What has the Challenge been like?
Yes I am. Thanks to some really nice and patient friends who gave me the opportunity to practice and to evolve my skills. And thanks to the feedback of these friends I think I grew better and better. Special thanks go to Bella Scott who hired me as a photographer for Downtown Modeling Agency. There I met another person I owe a lot of thanks: Docseree Mistwalker (E-style magazine). I was granted the role of her “personal” photographer and she still keeps some of these pictures in her blog from the old days. I tried to help her in her career with contest, profile and themed shots and she gave me the great opportunity to grow further into e-magazine business. Unfortunately time zones are too far apart to co operate closer.

How has it been ? Because all photographers in SL are too too busy :-) ?
There are a lot of photographers and graphics designers in SL who are pros in this field in RL also. I am a Sales Manager in RL with a little bit of a creative side which I am able to unleash in SL. Every second step in SL you find textures, ads or vendors with nice pictures on it.
I am a freelance photographer. It is me and only me who decides whether I work or not. If a friend has serious issues to talk about the shoots are cancelled. I am in SL to have fun and to make other people happy e. g. by means of my pictures. I need times off to charge the batteries of creativity. All my pictures are “handcrafted” originals. If I would be under a contract I think the creative part would die a bit as I would be permanently driven to deliver high-class results. I pay high respect to those who are working thus hard and have to deliver great pictures on a daily basis.

It’s a serious business I must admit. Most of my friend who are photographer don’t talk anymore:-) there are constantly talking with Photoshop instead hahaha.
LOL it’s not an easy stuff especially for those who do it as a living.

What is a day like when they are dozen competitions?
I try to avoid these situations as good as I can. Only one job at a time and only one max. two jobs a day. I try to grant every model the same time to have the chance to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Would you want to share your price with us?
Prices start at L$ 150 per pic, special occasions like weddings or shows are negotiable.

Great :-) those in need of photographer, you have one now :-) storm him LOL
hahahaha LOL

Aside photography and lot of pictures, how do you relax in SL?
I enjoy meeting with friends, chatting, dancing and exploring interesting Sims. I always try to combine this with my photography as well. Live music is also on my list. When the live band UKD Project started a photo contest I won the prize of the jury.

Since the year is almost coming to an end ,any plan for the future ?
I would like to compile calendars which would be established also as a RL “nice to have” and could be sold also in RL.

Great :-) I hope you model me in it LOL.

Hahaa sure if you have time :-) because I know you are more busier than us ... LOL

No way , I’m not busy at all.. I’m too free for my likening hahaha.

The holidays are almost here any plans for your customers , friends and love ones?
As every year yes. Whoever wants to send holiday cards to friends and family with a personal picture on it…please hurry, time’s up soon.


Thanks you so much for a nice and interesting time with us.
and I would like to use this medium to appreciate you for your kindness and wish you an awesome Holiday. Happy Christmas and New Year in advance.

To get more of Pascal Photos check his flickr page : Pascal Schnyder Flickr Page
That was it for today on profile in view, Watch out You could be next :-)

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