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Hello Wipster, it’s been a long while we saw.. how have you been doing and thank you for been my profile in View this week. We are most honoured to have you. Profile in View is basically throwing some spotlight into individual and personnel in Second Life so as to abreast the resident about.
Basically I ask some few questions and if you have any special item , event or anything you did like to share with us because it is basically your Week :-)

First can you tell us about Yourself:

Well first I want to thank you for asking me to be interviewed today, it’s a pleasure. And please do forgive me for my spelling errors, I am not native English. In fact the person behind this avi is from Denmark. In RL I am a sales manager in the event business along with being a production manager at a live music venue during weekends. This also means that I am not able to do a lot of runway shows in Second Life, obviously. But I do do the occasional shows once in a while, and I enjoy when I do. I’m a perfectionist in all aspects, so like most other people in the fashion industry I spend a lot of time preparing and generally try to learn and improve all the time.

Have you always been drawn towards the Fashion Industry?

The interest has always been there for sure, but I have never been to a RL fashion show though, but I plan to. I love watching fashion shows on TV and I giggle when I catch myself thinking “hmmm, I need to test that next time I’m on the runway in SL” *laughs* In RL I have always been easy going, and wear what makes me feel good, whether its casual in jeans one day or street fashion the next day.

Where did you get your inspiration from : Real life or Second Life?

There are so many clever and skilled content creators in SL nowadays, so its very easy to be inspired by SL. My main inspiration comes from RL though, I love watching people on the street which is very inspiring to me. But actually I can be inspired simply by the mood I am in too.

What is your personal style?

As mentioned it can be casual or street. Sometimes I am even very, very girlie styled, but that is rare. I like to think I have my own style and even though I am not a teenager anymore (that is some years ago LOL), I refuse to let my age dictate what to wear. I wear what makes me feel good, or what my mood dictates. What you will rarely see me in in private is formal dresses.

What should we expect from You in a few years ?

That I am still in Second Life, and that I’ve created my first sculptures, skins, prefabs, furniture and clothes. Ha-ha, ambition is not a bad thing, right? And I will probably still be fighting the misinterpretation about ARC causing sim lag. I get so angry sometimes. ARC does not cause sim lag!! Actually I will leave a fashion show as an audience (and the designer will miss the opportunity to make me wanna buy any of their stuff), if a person responsible for the event, asks me to lower my ARC due to sim lag.

What designers would you say is your all time favourite and role model?

It is impossible for me to point out a specific designer, because as I said before there are a lot of great content creators in Second Life now. When I first signed into Second Life almost four years ago … omg … the designs were bad bad bad compared to know, but hey luckily we didn’t know that back then LOL.

You sent me a picture of yourself , who is your all-time best photographer and where is this photograph from.

These photographs are by Aleida Rhode, who is also the creator of the lovely Ingrid skin that I am wearing on the photos. She is my personal photographer and she does an amazing job. At the same time she is my closest and best friend in SL. I had been in Second Life for more than three years, and of course I was familiar with her name as she is a good and often used model too. I booked her for a photo session and we talked and talked. Then I asked her where she is from RL? She said “Denmark” and kept talking … and I was like “DENMARK?!?” Well so am I and we’ve been very close ever since LOL. She is often the reason why I am in Second Life way too late at night, and I adore her for it ;-)

What is your day to day like in Second Life?
Sometimes I spend weeks decorating my home. When I’m finished I’ll take it down and start all over with another home. I like to customize and build add-ins to my homes and I love doing the interior decoration. One day I hope to be a furniture creator, but it’s a long way down the road. At other times I am busy preparing for a photo shoot, runway show or a casting. As I’m sure all models experiences, I also sometimes spend only one hour styling a look, but sometimes it can take me 10 hours. I also love just styling if I'm in the mood and I especially love finding new designers. A fun thing to do is to use some good freebies or gifts and style them HAWT :-) In my opinion there is a wide misunderstanding that freebies are always a no go due to the quality. That was correct once, but not anymore ...

That was a very interesting profile in View and I really had a wonderful time.We hope to see more of you and expect the best all the time. Viewer watch out next time . It could be you :-). Thanks again Wipster.

Second Photo:
Skin: sookey emo - by Aleida Rhode
Hair: Irena black - by Vita's Boudoir
Lashes: Blind Mag - by *C + C*
Cigarette: Cigarette II (long ash) - by FNKY!
Sunglasses: Silver Sunglasses - by *OC*
Shoes: Shanti White - by Maitreya
Dress: Diva Sensual - by Mohna Lisa
Earrings and necklace: Cord Pendant - by :Fusion:
Bracelets, nails and rings: Takara red leather - by Mandala

Third Photo:
Skin: Ingrid sunkissed (no. eyebr.), rouge - by Aleida Rhode
Hair: Hare Hare incl. hairbase - by Vanity Hair
Make-up: Glam 1 makeup 5 - by Aleida Rhode
Lashes: Wiidow (Lush) - by Silhouette Lashes
Shoes: Enya Leopard - by Kookie
Dress: Paneled Minidress grey//black - by Epoque
Earrings and necklace: Falling Leaves, Autumn - by EarthStones
Bracelets and rings: Sinra chocolate brown - by Mandala

All photos by Aleida Rhode

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