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Prowess White Holiday Gown

1:21 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I'm so much in the holiday mood. I love the feeling of Christmas, family reunion and all the fun at Christmas. I have been making plan what to do with my Christmas, thinking of Christmas Decoration for my SL home, what to do to make this year totally different from last year. Plans are on the way to achieve this and I believe we all have fun.

To completely put me in this mood today is the new release from Gelese Giano called Prowess White Holiday Gown. I Loved this outfit right from the moment I set my eye on it. I don’t know what it is about the outfit but its comes with that good feeling of Christmas and holiday. It features a strapless sweet heart shaped bodice in a fitted silhouette which gracefully descend into a full length gown. You have the fur to cover your shoulder and also a fur attached to the glove.. very chic and elegant look.

The earring and the necklace finish off this look and portray the holiday also. This also comes with the gown. So step out in the holiday mood and get dazzled with this Prowess.

And you get this BlaTre' Black Gown By Gelese Giano  as a VIP Gift for only Bella Vida Group Member.

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  1. omg I love her gowns.......... her gowns are lovely on it amazing

  2. I recall her on the Pantelleria sim i took her photo she designs all these gowns and her jewelry with out any tools or kits? ask her about the Pantelleria Gown Brava


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