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Shopping is Fun with CriCri Shopping Cart

8:32 PMprazillo Lemon

...that Shopping has just been made so much easier for me LOL no more heavy bags and excess load to carry. I now have a shopping cart  YAY!!. This Cart is so much fun LOL, I have been laughing myself so hard that I was even sent out of the Shop because I was the only one with the Cart and I was having so much fun and disturbing the premises. You need to actually have this cart to understand what I mean. hehe. This Cart has finally spiced up my day LOL.

It comes with lot of option in the menu, you can jump, run, walk, stand , jump on the cart and run back and forth, do some yoga stunt ,the yoga stunt sent me packing out of the groceries shop LOL.. but I had a great fun I must admit.  More shopping fun since it the time of the year for lot of shopping for friends, family, love ones etc.

Shopping Cart : CriCri-gST5AllCart

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