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Something was inside My CriCri Cart :-)

10:18 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I was just told today that my Beauty Salon Cri-Cri Cart which I blogged some days ago - Shopping is Fun with CriCri Shopping Cart has a most lovely package inside. What I was expected to do was wear the cart and then click/touch the cart, to get a menu  i.e (Wear&Touch) . In the menu you have the poses for the cart, AO on , and Get Item. I actually click on that but never bothered to check what was in the folder because I was so carried away with the excitement of the cart. The Get Item actually has a HAIR YAY!!!

It was a great surprise for me and when I actually checked the hair out, it was the most awesome hair styles I have seen, was very girlie and so lovely, made me look so innocent LOL which I know I am not.  The hair piece comes with a menu which contain 24 hair colors, ribbon colors, the bang on the hair has different styles either to the side or over the hair, and you have a menu for adjustment and resize.
You get lot of options.

For those who got the Cart , your cart has just become a magician and for me, my cart has just become multipurpose LOL.. Enjoy.
2nd Photo
3rd Photo 
4th Photo

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  1. I didn't know about Cri Cri before your post and bought a few styles there today! Thanks for sharing...


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