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Wedding Dress Up

12:18 PMprazillo Lemon

...that the news is all around a ROYAL wedding is on the way YAY!!.. I use to have that fantasy I will be the princess well  I will need to look for another prince or just get to kissing all the frogs I see ... yak LOL.
About wedding, I have never thought of getting married in Second Life so that is not to rule out the fact that I may never wear wedding gown, on fashion shows some models do wear wedding gowns, and that why today I’m in the mood for a wedding game ( dressing up like you are having a wedding). This is me in my wedding gown  on my private wedding day LOL.

Since I cant wait for the Medieval costume party soon to happen at Bella Vida, I have decide to wear the jewelry I set aside for that occassion and it is the new released Jewelry Creation By Zuri Winter Love Set. This suit me fine because the jewelry is made of snowflakes and the complete set comes with a crown which I need as my wedding tiara.

Well if I was to get married today, that is how I would look but I never know maybe tomorrow I may not be satisfied with this look  and probably be running over the entire place looking for more LOL and then decide to change the dress,jewelry or the skin (something like looking fresh on your day  hehee). But all the same it was fun getting all dressed up.

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