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Wont Stop Staring at My FC Aevana

3:57 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I think I have a very crazy obsession for my avatar but it has just gone up the bar. I just can’t stop staring at her all because of the new release skin from Fhang Candy. I was at Fhang Candy and surprising there was a promo which ended yesterday , so I don't know how many of the Ladies got some of the great skins.The new release skin called [FC] AevanaLight//SugarBomb/FhangCandy has caused me staring at my avatar endlessly LOL I didn't know I could be so beautiful with purple makeup despite purple is my favorite color. hehehe don’t worry if no one praises me I will praise myself LOL.

Aevana has lot of great and artistry  makeup option and I must admit I am so thrilled with this Skin collection .Another great option that comes with this collection is the different Lipsticks which is so cool. So you get to wear your best makeup  and have other choices of lipstick to use. Wow Ladies this is your sure stop for that beautiful look and elegant sophistication.

There is a board for Bakesale (which is a unique set of skins sold at 50Ls) each set contains a Pale & Light Skin Tone or a Tan & Sun-kissed Skin Tone, I got [FC] BakeSale Megan Flirtacious Midnight , I Love this Skin choice because of the Red Lips which gives you that hot sophisticated and sexy look.Check out other makeup that suit you for 50Ls

PS I tried to be like those sophisticated photographer in SL and tried editing my photo a bit for that professional and gorgeous look I alway envy in others photo : See what I came up with :-)

hmmm still have a long way to go LOL.

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