aDiva Couture Designer's Wardrobe

aDiva Couture showing off Delicious and Nys

12:25 PMprazillo Lemon

...that at aDiva Couture, we have these sexy and gorgeous new release which will spice up your holiday season and still give you that edgy look and elegance.aDiva Couture Delicious is a short flowing gown which I love so much, it features an embroidery at the top and a flowing gown. It comes with a dark panty hose to help you warm up during the winter season and it can be finished off with an ankle boot or stiletto.

My favorite aDiva Couture Nys :-), okay , okay I’m crazy about this design maybe because it a cute Lace Blouse which you knot at the neck and can be worn with the aDiva Couture Chocolate beauty Corset or you have the option to wear without the corset. I Love it both ways :-) wear this beautiful blouse with the velvet flowery leggings.

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